Jeneffa Soldatic in Association with The Actors Centre Australia proudly presents

Elizabeth Kemp Character Dream Workshop Intensive

“The first thing I do when I get a role is call Elizabeth to begin the Dreamwork” – Bradley Cooper

International Acting Coach, Associate Artistic Director of the Actors Studio, Chair of Acting at the Actors Studio Drama School, Elizabeth Kemp will be in Sydney to hold her Intensive Character Dream Workshop- January 2-6th 2013.

The Iconic Character Dream Workshop has never been held in Australia. An extension of the character work developed at the Actors Studio, Elizabeth has created a unique workshop using interpretations of dreams with Jung’s theories. The Character Dream Workshop is ground-breaking. It allows the actor to explore and discover the characters’ Shadow and Tragic Flaw, and through her process bringing the character to the light. Those who have worked with Elizabeth previously are: Bradley Cooper, Harvey Keitel, and many other Academy Award and Cesar Award winning actors.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Each artist must choose a character on whom they will do research from childhood into the adult years. The character can be literary, mythological, fictional, historical or ancestral. This process that will be experienced in the workshop has been developed by Elizabeth over 20 years which she has taught worldwide; Warsaw, Berlin, Athens, Rome, Paris, New York, Stockholm, Brussels, and now finally Sydney. It is method based  ~ the work brought to us by Constantin Stanislavksy, then Lee Strasberg and into The Actors Studio; infused with exercises inspired by the dream work of Carl Jung.

ABOUT ELIZABETH: Elizabeth Kemp was one of the youngest members to be admitted to the Actors Studio and has been a member of The Actors Studio since 1975; In her career she has been fortunate to learn from many masters including Lee Strasberg, Elia Kazan, Arthur Penn and Ellen Burstyn. She is currently Associate Artistic Director and is on the Board of Directors of The Actors Studio in New York with Ellen Burstyn as Artistic Director. She is also the Chair of The Acting Department at The Actors Studio Drama School, the MFA program at Pace University. Having studied the work of CG Jung for many years, she has taken courses throughout this time at The Carl Jung Institute in New York City as well as working privately with Jungian mentors Bernard Mcdonnell and Morgan Stebbins.  She has coached many Academy Award and Cesar Award winning actors.

“Her dreamworkshop, which she has formed and conducts both within and outside of the Actors Studio is extraordinary. Her knowledge of the work has been demonstrated both on the stage and off, as a teacher and innovator, in the way she has conducted and further developed new aspects to add to the technique of acting employed in the dreamworkshop I’d consider her one of the finest acting teachers around” - Harvey Keitel

 “Harvey Keitel told me that Elizabeth Kemp ignited in him a renewed love of acting through her dream work. I was not surprised by this statement. I have known Elizabeth for many years and have always been inspired by her profundity her artistry and her erudition. Elizabeth is one of the greatest actresses I have ever seen and her passion for the artform is a vehicle for which she shares her extraordinary process. I encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to work with her.” - Susan Batson

"The most sacred experience I ever had was in [her class]. No question about it. It was mind blowing. She's really an incredible teacher. She is amazing" - Bradley Cooper

“Elizabeth Kemp is one of the finest actresses and teachers around.” - Arthur Penn

 “I've known Elizabeth Kemp for many years.  She is an extremely talented actor, director and teacher.  Her workshops are exciting and original.  She combines her knowledge of her training at the Actors Studio along with her own exercises that she has developed using dreams.  Students love her and come away truly inspired and transformed. I recommend her to you very highly.” - Ellen Burstyn


Dates:  Wednesday 2nd January – Sunday 6th January 2013

Place: Actors Centre Australia, 241 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Cost: $1600 for 5 days

Bookings and inquiries: jeneffasoldatic@yahoo.com or Actors Centre Australia 02.9310.4077

Space is very limited and attendance each day is imperative.