London 2013

Jeneffa will be coming to London for a one-day intensive Method Acting Workshop. Come and learn from one of the best young international acting coaches. Be inspired and learn skills to get your best acting into the world.

This workshop will focus on the process that the actor can take to awaken their instruments, to allow you to experience and find the expression of the character and story. Come, work, and play on your acting instrument. My workshops will explore the basics of American contemporary acting training through exercises and experiences gathered from working and training at the Actors Studio in NYC, Susan Batson, Stella Adler, Uta Hagan, and others. We will use exercises to discover and unlock the full potential of your instrument. You will then be guided on how you add these discoveries into text, with full expression, bringing the words and the character to life. Come and experience some of the techniques in exercises based on the Method of Konstantin Stanislavsky, Lee Strasberg, Susan Batson and Uta Hagan.

For Details and Payment

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