"Jeneffa truly understands acting. She knows how to unlock the actor and reveal my potential"  Johny Coyne, Hangover III, Tomb Raider, Gangster Squad, Alcatraz.


"Jeneffa is the best coach there is" Alison Owen, Producer of Elizabeth, Proof, Jane Eyre, Saving Mr Banks.


'Jen is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. She encourages and guides and ignites her students. Her skill and talent as an actress, her keen understanding of humanity and her endless supply of compassion creates a space for you the actor to go deep into your own heart and the heart of the character. It's a collaboration to work with her, a hand in hand journey into the deep magic of the dramatic arts.' -Katherine Hicks actress on “Rescue Special Ops and WInners and Losers.


"Jeneffa is simply incredible. Her rare power, devotion, eye & sensitivity make her a true wonder to work with. The growth of students under her coaching is unprecedented & a joy to witness. She empowers & inspires artists with her truth. Anyone considering this work, should work with Jeneffa, I can not praise this woman enough, she has shaped who I am as an artist & changed my life." -Andrew Hofman


'Jeneffa creates a safe and vibrant rehearsal room where everyone is encouraged to see the strengths in each other and themselves, whilst also being open to confront and better weaknesses.  Her teaching method nurtures free flowing courage and creativity;  she knows how to help you open your heart and imagination to the magic of truth. I am very grateful to have had the privilege of being taught by her.' -Silvina D'Alessandro


Jen is a truly exceptional teacher. Only through her classes was I able to access deep and rich parts of myself that both enrich my life and my ability to give a truthful performance. Jen is incredibly intuitive, respectful and encouraging.  Her classes are innovative and enjoyable. There is no one quite like Jen. I highly recommend her course. -Hannah Bent


"With a no nonsense approach and a professionalism that thrives off the pure honesty of a person's soul, Jen creates a safe environment for the artist to play, grow and truly awaken the child within. My only regret is not finding her sooner." - Aria Newton


Jeneffa sharp view and method acting approach have been tremendous tools to discover my characters and dive into them on demand. -Samuel Sida


“Jen is not a teacher. She is an artist who is fantastically gifted at facilitating other artists. Once I allowed myself to receive what she had on offer, I discovered traits of mine that had been holding me back as an actor and was able to reach new depths of performance. She creates a safe, fun and imaginative space to explore you. - Adam Boys,Toronto, Canada


"Jeneffa approaches every theme humanely and with simplicity. She showed me how to understand and therefore connect with my character with an astonishing ease. I have learnt way more than I could possibly imagine about each and every one. I know that this process will help me figure out what are the pieces of the puzzle I'm missing to access the essence of any other character I will be working on from now on. The lines then take an other meaning and fluidity appears where incomprehension and resistance were." - Maud, Paris, France


 “There is no better way to expand your knowledge with self and character. An actor would be nuts to miss Jen's class. Within, the possibilities are boundless.” - Eliza St John


 “With millions of acting techniques out there it's hard to know which one is for you. Jen really helped me discover an acting technique I love and now use everyday. Jen and her classes open your eyes to a side of the art you didn't think possible.” - Alistair Cooke 


 “Jeneffa is a generous professional, committed to supporting the individual journey of the actors who choose to work with her. I am happy to recommend her workshops as a rewarding and fun experience for anyone considering them.” - Ruby Lennon


  "Jen is an extraordinary acting coach, that is remarkably gifted at facilitating the actor and their instrument. She has transformed the way I work and the quality of my work by allowing me to access and express my personal truth through the art". - Conrad Le Bron


 "Jen is a remarkably passionate teacher, performer and person. I have gained so much from briefly working with her. I began to recognize the process required for developing truthful characters and performances. Jen creates such a safe environment where you are eager to learn and delve into different exploration exercises, which I believe helped me start to unlock the sensation of truth when working with a character." - Alexandra Nell, Australia


"Jeneffa is an incredible teacher, coach and woman. Her selfless, committed work allowed me to discover, ignite and pursue my deep seated love & passion for acting. Her trust and faith in her student's talents creates a space for them to trust themselves, which is integral for every artist. I will continue to act from now until the day I die - and that is in large part due to Jeneffa's classes." -Daniel Monks – Director


I feel truly previldged to have been exposed to Jeneffa's insights, intuition and passion for exploring the truth and purpose of our path as an artist. Having now been mentored in class by her on three separation occasions, it is no surprise that I will continue to seek guidance from her in the future - she truly has transformed the way I breath life into my own and my characters inner beauty, venerability and wisdom. Never have I felt so alive and aware of what I have to offer to this craft. - Lauren Lloyd Williams


Jen took my acting to a deeper level in a matter of 7 weeks. Ive learnt lots of different methods of acting and enjoyed them but they didn't challenge me and make me connect with my deep emotions to use for my character work the way jens method of teaching does and above all there is a freedom in her classes and a safe and nurturing environment that provides the ultimate learning playground space to try new things. Jens classes are life changing for your acting craft and will inspire the pants off you.  -Lucy Campbell


“Well, you can not imagine all the revolution caused on me, positively speaking, having taken the workshop. Working with Jeneffa was a great experience. I think her sense of freedom of thought and work is reflected in respect for each other's work.”  -  Gabriela Mata, Caracas, Venezuela


“Jeneffa Soldatic is awesome. Lifetime member of the Actor's Studio (NYC) and has Susan Batson as her teaching and acting mentor... um, what more could you ask for right now?”  - Philippe Sung